Stephen Hawking, the Foolish Wise, the Extraterrestrials, and Today´s Criminal Elites´ Main Fear

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Stephen Hawking, the Foolish Wise, the Extraterrestrials, and Today´s Criminal Elites´ Main Fear
The present world order is an invalid fallacy, a mere delusion to please the fancy of the self-styled elites â€" all those who plunged the entire Mankind into injustice, bias, inhumanity, falsehood, discord, bloodshed, abject poverty for the many and undeserved luxuries for the few, and an environmental doom at the end.

The much publicized "values" of this world simply are not values; the so-called wise scholars are not wise, and worse, they are not scholars properly speaking. They are mere fools who, from the peak of their monumental arrogance, appear as institutionalized swindlers, suitable outfits of a criminal establishment for which solidarity among members and fraudulence against all the rest matter more than faith, intuition and transcendence.

How could today´s "wise" scholars be truly wise? Their absolute lack of moral principles, their appalling indifference for our world´s real dramas and concerns, their chaotic distance from the indigenous peoples and ethno-religious groups, their detachment from the remote villages, the coastal and mountains towns, the favelas and the slums of the metropolises, their ominous isolation in libraries and research centers, their out-of-purpose elitism, and above all, their over-specialization in one sector and parallel ignorance of almost all the rest, all these fundamental characteristics of the so-called "wise" scholars of our times make of them truly and definitely unwise and useless, if not dangerous, individuals.

The fact that the majority of the people worldwide imagine that over-specialization in, and in-depth knowledge of, one academic discipline is something positive and valuable is due to the machinations of the ruling class, the absolute control exercised by the elites over the educational system and the mass media, and the fake image of the world that they have intentionally diffused and imposed.

Over-specialization intertwined with limited knowledge about other ac academic disciplines and sectors of knowledge prevents anyone from being a true scholar.

Over-specialization interlinked with immorality and indifference for the concerns of people allover the world turns a true scholar to an idiot and a sinner. Of course, this reality is not accepted as such by the ruling elites, and therefore the great deficiencies of these hypothetical sages are hidden from the public.

The momentarily valid measures and the furtive criteria of an insensible society matter not. The distinction between real and fake wisdom has been made very clear in many, diverse holy texts that formed the pillars of Thought, Wisdom and Faith throughout millennia and thus shaped the History of the Mankind.

The wisdom of this world is foolishness before God.

Steven Hawking is another product of the Freemasonic mass media, their fake reports, misrepresentations, and pointless exaggerations; of course, the splendid branding effort deployed in favour of this theoretical physicist, who happens to be an English agnostic and/or atheist, entails some obligations on his part. Whenever needed, he has to make several comments that promote the Freemasonic agenda to which the "wise" scholar has ascribed himself. This is in fact one of the reasons for which scholars become famous today, namely to propagate the diverse points of an ominous agenda â€" after they first "acquire" top credibility, not because they merit it but due to Freemasonic member solidarity and agenda implementation.

His mentors and promoters should have however read the famous excerpt from the New Testament (1 Corinthians 3:19): "sapientia enim huius mundi stultitia est apud Deum" (in Vulgata / in English: "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God").

The New Testament text has been spectacularly reconfirmed by Stephen Hawking himself a few days ago. Confusing his discipline, Astrophysics, with Cryptology, he made a series of far fetched assumptions, claiming that "Aliens may exist but contact would hurt humans".

This is a comical and irrelevant assumption, but Hawking went out of his way (a scholar avoids giving answers to hypothetical questions) in order to better serve his hidden masters, who must be in total disarray these last days.

In fact, Stephen Hawking´s "warning" is not a warning, but a curse. The intentions behind Stephen Hawking´s immoral and inhuman statement are revealed by his entire "discourse" which took place in the non academic milieu of a new television series ("Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking" on the Discovery Channel). The program depicts "an imagined universe featuring alien life forms in huge spaceships on the hunt for resources after draining their own planet dry". (

Stephen Hawking attempted to draw comparisons taken out of the History of the Mankind in order to explain his main point; he said that "if aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans".

He then tried to assume a lot and become a journalist from the other side of the space in order to portray developments in some societies of extraterrestrials; he pointed out that "such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach". He supported that alien life is probable, specifying the following: "to my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational". He then focused his interest on the nature of the extraterrestrials: "the real challenge is to work out what aliens might actually be like".

According to reports, the English physicist gave a picturesque description of the "aliens" involving "glowing squid-like creatures, herds of herbivores that can hang onto a cliff face and bright yellow predators that kill their prey with stinging tails".

Of course, literature about extraterrestrials is nowadays abundant; it went out of the original scope of science fiction novels, and took already the form of classified reports that make state of human-appearing extraterrestrial beings that eventually attempt to infiltrate the intelligence service of the US or abduct federal employees (sic! Capitalizing on the aforementioned, diverse authors raised issues pertaining to ( public safety and preparedness!

This worrisome approach has not been always shared by specialists. Some famous cryptologists, like Lambros Callimahos, the Alexandria (Egypt)-born Greek who served the National Security Agency (NSA, a US cryptologic intelligence agency), believed that extraterrestrials´ assumed superiority in science and technology would even be helpful and beneficial for the Mankind (

The issue will certainly preoccupy more and more people over the next months and years, and it is therefore necessary to refute some idées fixes that have been prevailing for a while, and have recently been strongly supported by the English atheist physicist.

I will start my criticism from the reported statements of Steve Hawking, and expand.

1. Extraterrestrials in Search of Resources

This is so far fetched that becomes ludicrous; it sounds like an extract from a French scholarly article written by a French historian of the notorious schools of the Annalistes!

This is mere projection of a 20th century materialist, consumerist and immoral thought that typifies a human world in disarray. The prevalence of the "material motif" in any interpretational effort deployed to reconstruct an unknown period of History (or a mysterious part of the Universe) is absolutely mistaken; it only reflects attitudes of our degraded, modern world. It would be totally rejected in the Antiquity, in the Medieval and Islamic Times, and in rather recent epochs like the Renaissance. It cannot be excluded as a possible reason, but it cannot be identified as the sole reason either.

"Huge spaceships" moving across the space "on the hunt for resources" is a scenario that is taken out of the late 20th â€" early 21st century Western world. This scenario idiotically presupposes that all possible technologies drain a planet´s resources. What is suggested herewith under this name ("technology") may not necessarily be technology properly speaking but perfect use of capacities to fully shift from the material to the exclusively spiritual level of existence. If we refer to the modern (18th â€" 21st century) technology, we should perhaps have a good reason to question the nature of this impasse-technology of our times.

Yet, Stephen Hawking, if he had been ready to acknowledge and fight for the Truth, he could have provided a better argumentation; in effect, if these extraterrestrials have developed an evidently superior technology (again, if the term "technology" is correct to employ here, and I strongly disagree with that), up to the extent of suitably moving across tremendous distances (which is an impossible dream for today´s fake and petty technology of the ´developed´ Western world), they must have earlier found inexorable resources that, when used, never end up with an entire planet´s draining.

For a "mathematical brain" this should be clear; if modern, Western technology does not offer us the chance to move across the universe, and if by this pseudo-technology all we achieve is to drain our planet dry, this automatically suggests that the modern, Western technology is erratic, and rather leading us to an impasse.

It is essential to dissociate the Ancient World, Medieval Christianity and Islam, the world´s outright majority (i.e. Pre-Columbian and Latin America, Africa, the Ottoman Empire, Safevid Iran, Mogul India, China, Japan, and the Malay â€" Indonesian â€" Pacific world), as well as most of Eastern and South-eastern Europe from the fallacy of this technology; they did not invent it, not because they could not, but because their moral principles and concepts did not allow them to advance in this deviation. They merely followed the path launched by the Western European scientists of deception and perfidy.

The entirety of the Western technology, which was gradually ´invented´ in Western Europe and North America and thence exported and imposed on the rest of the world either tyrannically (colonialism) or through the bias of short term antagonism, is a heresy and a dissent from the Mankind´s real identity, purpose and destiny. One could greatly expand on the evil driving force of this counterfeit and provenly failed science and technology, but this is not the purpose of the present article.

Point 1 is conclusive that the extraterrestrials´ use of know how does not involve resource exploitation that drives an entire planet dry. So, they will not come to the Earth looking for resources, unlike the idiotic and inhuman Freemasons and Zionists who attempted to control the world in order to usurp resources of lands that are not theirs. Extraterrestrials may come to punish the present world´s Satanic establishment of Washington, Paris, London, Tel Aviv, etc.

Point 2. Possible contact would hurt humans.

This is truly farcical! One must truly be either criminal or foolish to say this.

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the Spaniards did hurt the Aztecs, the Mayas, the Incas, all the other nations they invaded in the lands that they called America, as well as the Africans of Western Sahara, and the Filipinos.

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the Portuguese did hurt the inhabitants of the Amazon basin, the Somalis and the East African Muslims, the Aramaean Christians of Malabar (India), and the Chinese of the South (around Macao).

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the Dutch did hurt the Indonesians and the indigenous populations of the coastal zones of the lands that have been later called North and South America.

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the French did hurt the natives of the lands that have been later called North and South America, the Eastern Indian coast inhabitants, the diverse populations of the so-called Indochina, the Africans from Egypt to Cameroon, and from Algeria to Madagascar, the Aramaeans and the Phoenicians of the Middle East (whom the French defamed as "Arabs", Syrians and Lebanese), the Polynesians and other Malay populations of the Pacific, plus all those who have been the victims of the French war machinations in Europe and worldwide.

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the English did hurt the natives of the lands that have been later called North America, the Indians, the Africans from Egypt to South Africa, and from Nigeria to Kenya, the Aramaeans, the Palestinians, and the Yemenites of the Middle East (whom the English defamed as "Arabs"), the Persians, the Afghans, the Chinese, the people of Myanmar, a great number of indigenous populations of the Pacific Ocean and the aboriginal inhabitants of the lands they later called Australia and New Zealand, plus all those who have been the victims of the English war machinations in Europe and worldwide.

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the Russians did hurt the Tatars, the inhabitants of Siberia, and the Muslims of Ukraine, Caucasus, Central Asia, and Afghanistan in their effort to create an empire that would compete with the English.

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians did hurt the Oromos, the Ogadneis, the Afars, the Sidamas, the Kaffas, the Shekachos, the Hadiyas, the Gedeos, the Wolayitas, the Bertas, and other African nations.

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the Zionist brigades did hurt the indigenous Ottoman Palestinians and Jews, who rejected the evil Zionist emigrants, denouncing them as evidently non-Jewish and odiously anti-Jewish.

Stephen Hawking has forgotten how much the Americans did hurt the indigenous populations of the land whereby they settled (the American Indians´ persecution has been the most systematic genocide ever undertaken), the Mexicans (Texas, Arizona, California and other territories belonged to Mexico), the Filipinos, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Afghans, and the Aramaeans and the other nations of Mesopotamia, whom they English disfigured into "Iraqi Arabs".

Minimal knowledge of History, puerile disregard for today´s political realities, and monumental immorality are the basic parameters of Stephen Hawking´s aforementioned assumption, namely that contact with the extraterrestrials would hurt humans.

What is there to harm today´s humans more than the existence of the fake state of Israel (its correct name should be Judah)?

What is there to harm humans more than the existence of the evil state of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia)?

What is there to harm humans more than the existence of the colonial states of France, England and America that spread pestilence and barbarism, materialism and atheism, fake technologies and false knowledge allover the world?

What is there to harm humans more than the prevalence of detrimental injustice, poverty and starvation for the most in exchange with luxury for the few?

What is there to harm humans more than the existence of a fake economic order, political tyrannies that have been baptized "democracies", evil theories and practices that monstrously deformed the identity, the socio-behavioural traditions, the faiths and the values of people allover the planet?

What is there to harm humans more than the existence of Freemasonry and its dependencies that generated the present evil world system that has been imposed by few powerful states and deceitful institutions after they had first been put under Freemasonic control?

What is there to harm humans more than the Satanic rites and practices of Freemasonry´s pyramidal hierarchy that involve systematic sexual orgies out of which the evil sacerdotal magistrates of the supreme hierarchy generate evil spiritual energy that they later materialize in order to obtain material benefits?

And, finally, is it Stephen Hawking´s wrong assumption that a "possible contact would hurt humans" or rather Freemasons´ and Zionists´ fear that, if extraterrestrials happen to come, their moral nature will make them side with the many oppressed and tyrannized and against the evil few who control Washington, Paris, London, Brussels, Tel Aviv, Riyadh, and several other capitals?

This demonstrates the evil intentions of the Freemasonic order whose existence constitutes the most malignant tumor in the body of the Mankind; they know that it is imperatively immoral and inhuman to meet secretively and as hidden group to act against the entire Mankind, carrying out their plans of total mass extermination, planet life extinction, and relocation of the Freemasonic elite transformed into cyborgs (cybernetic organisms) elsewhere in the space.

The evil plans of the world ruling elite can certainly be outmaneuvered by the awakening of the oppressed peoples and the deceived masses of the materialistic Western societies. The comprehensive deterioration of the economic, political and environmental conditions throughout the Earth can generate unpredictable and uncontainable reactions that, under correct guidance, can be channeled straight against the Freemasonic establishments, truly damage their evil plans, and annihilate them all. While this remains an eventuality, things could take an unprecedented and dramatic change for the worst and Freemasonry´s interests could be rapidly and totally destroyed, if a massive arrival of extraterrestrials on Earth were to take place.

The total dismantlement of the Freemasonic agenda, the collapse of the ruling elites, the massive extermination of the inhuman criminals, who secretively have been machinating against all the rest, the final and irrevocable closing down of all the Freemasonic lodges, the comprehensive disintegration of today´s major states, armies and administrations, and the elimination of many fake religions would be a matter of very brief time.

Worse for the petty rulers of today´s unjust world, the power to oppose the (already anticipated as superior) methods and practices of the extraterrestrial forces simply does not exist even among the top of the evil pyramidal Freemasonic hierarchy. This illuminates the back thoughts and the fears that Stephen Hawking expressed on behalf of his peers.

Point 3. Columbus and the Indians, Extraterrestrials and the World Freemasonry

Stephen Hawking drew a parallel that is most unfortunate â€" for him and his understanding of the world. Yes, Columbus´ arrival to the continent of the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas led to a repugnant genocide that by itself consists in perfect reason for the annihilation of the performers´ unrepentant offspring.

However, the pre-Christian societies of Mexico and Peru had all the characteristics of a human civilization as they have been attested in so many civilizations in Asia, Africa and Europe. All these societies were not perfect models of human society but they always deployed efforts to be true to their prototypes and stick to their values. Never ever have injustice, unfairness, evildoing, perversion and inhumanity been accumulated among the societies of the humans to the extent they have today.

The pre-Columbian societies of Mexico and Peru were devoid of secretive elites and never ever did a heretic group manage to put the entire society under control and then use its absolute power to plunge the outright majority of those societies into deception, marginalization, impotence and deviation.

We can conclusively state that there was no reason for a single Aztec or Incas to side with the invading Spaniards; and no one did! The criminal invaders used evil ruse to deceive every one they contacted among the locals.

In the hypothetical scenario of extraterrestrials arriving on Earth, the situation will be different. Who can suggest that so many tyrannized peoples and nations do not have the right to contact the arriving extraterrestrials and side with them in order to drive the evil powers of Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv to irrevocable extinction?

One should not even expect, in that hypothetical scenario, only tyrannized Berbers, Tuareg, Baluch, Oromo, South Azeri and many other subjugated nations to be enthusiastic in contacting and siding with the extraterrestrials but also numerous marginalized and deceived citizens of all the Western societies.

Such has been the deception of the world´s peoples and ethno-religious groups that the extraterrestrials will be de facto their brethren against the inhuman beasts who rule today the earthly states by their proxies.

Part 4. Extraterrestrials as "Nomads" Conquering other Planets â€" or Revelation 12:7 !

This point is highly hypothetical, but deserves some observation. To conquer other lands or planets as "nomads" suggests a reason quite different than the lack of natural resources. If a grave lack of resources is manifested in a certain country, the bulk of the armed forces are engaged in a military expedition in order to invade lands whereby these resources are available. This means war and invasion. Nomads are not involved in similar processes, and if a nomadic people is hit by environmental changes and sudden lack of resources, the entire people moves in conquest of other lands â€" but this concerns, as explicitly said, nomadic peoples.

Are there nomadic extraterrestrials? It sounds funny! Of course, a sudden destruction may force a people to migrate, but this does not necessarily imply that the people had been "nomadic" before the migration / relocation. We have several examples from the History of the Mankind. The same may concern an extraterrestrial population, but again they cannot be labeled nomads under similar circumstances.

However, the mischievous use of the term "nomads" suggests another intention covertly expressed herewith. If some people arrive to some place as nomads and invade the land (or planet) they want to settle, this rather means that they have been fugitives from their own land, they first lost power there, and had subsequently to leave their place or origin and migrate as "nomads" to another place.

This has also been attested many times throughout the History of the Mankind, and we can safely but treacherously project it onto others. But in the present case, this concept takes an apocalyptic allure. There is indeed a case in the Christian Apocalyptic literature, which if taken within material and not spiritual context shows particular affinities with the aforementioned. It is of course a matter of vicious misinterpretation but there are plenty of modern commentaries that apply this approach.

According to Revelation 12:7, "And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. The great dragon was hurled down--that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him".

Of course, the essence of the New Testamentary text refers to developments of spiritual order; however, the heretic Freemasons are inherently unable to accurately perceive the aforementioned verses and tend to misinterpret them by attributing the identity of angels to … extraterrestrials, and that of Satan to the dissident leader. In view of almost two thousands of years of Christian hermeneutics, the association of angels and demons with extraterrestrials appears purely nonsensical.

Within the Freemasonic paranoia of misinterpretation of historical-religious texts of all backgrounds, which ends up in theatrical simulation, and thus pathetic vulgarization and misrepresentation of verses, which are otherwise referring to misunderstood (by the Freemasons) developments and persons, the aforementioned text is predestined to be attributed to Stephen Hawking´s arriving extraterrestrials.

It is clear that this Satanic organization, the Apostate Freemasons, who turned the entire world into a most infamous hell, intend to defend their illegal, immoral and inhuman control over the sociopolitical, economic, military, educational, scholarly, intellectual, cultural and socio-behavioural affairs of today´s world by slandering the arriving extraterrestrials as demons and their leader as Satan himself in an attempt to prevent any contact between them and the mankind. In this ominous attempt, they already know that they will face final, comprehensive and irrevocable extermination, because their true identity will be then fully revealed to all as that of the Mother of Harlots and the Abominations of the Earth as extensively described in John´s Revelation.

Part 5. Extraterrestrials´ Probability to Exist

Steven Hawking seems to strongly support this thesis; in addition, there is a widespread belief in the existence of extraterrestrials. With his words, Steven Hawking tries to offer a scholarly endorsement.

Yet, the entire circle of the thematic literature, which evolves around the subject of the extraterrestrials (also called aliens), i.e. the cosmic pluralism and more recently the science fiction, is rather new. Of course, since the Sumerian, Assyrian â€" Babylonian and Egyptian Antiquity, people believed that movement outside the Earth is possible for humans, and that intelligent life in various stars exists.

These beliefs were associated with the possibility of spiritual activation of the material body, with the conversion of the material into energy, and with the transformation of the material constants of a human being into spiritual â€" in other words with the supreme subject of initiation completion in ancient temples of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

The eventuality of a contact between the humans and the intelligent inhabitants was never viewed as troublesome or impossible; however, this did not change in anything the central place the Earth had in the conception of the entire universe. Of course, there was the concept of the Firmament that separated the celestial world into two parts the higher of which was inaccessible to all humans after the Flood. But this represents one dimension of the catastrophic consequences that the Flood had on Earth.

The relationship of the various extraterrestrials with the Earth is deduced from several texts; the commonly known excerpt of Genesis (6:4) is merely one; by mentioning that "There were giants in the earth in those days", the text suggests that they may have left the Earth at a later date.

Quite interestingly, the worrisome portrait of the extraterrestrials occurs only as late as the 20th century, i.e. the period of the overwhelming rise of the Freemasonic power worldwide. In fact, the existng modern literature on the subject gravely contradicts the human experience and the History of the Mankind. It was mainly the result of Freemasonic machinations in view of an otherwise anticipated arrival of the inimical "generation".

And this is the most important dimension of geo-centrism; the extraterrestrials are not truly speaking aliens, who are unrelated to the Earth, but they belong to generations other than the Mankind who lived on the Earth in remote Antiquity. Many would attempt to reject the idea of giants having ever existed on Earth; this is due to the fact that familiarization with this reality would greatly damage the perplex but fake History elaborated and propagated by the Freemasonry and their agents who are present in all the important universities worldwide. Not only prefabricated theories like Darwinism and evolutionism would be rejected, but also the well prepared demonization project of the extraterrestrials would look inconsistent and inane. Others may wish to raise the subject of lack of paleontological and archeological remains; however, if we take into account that the period the giants lived on Earth antedates the Flood, we come to realize that the scarcity (although not inexistence) of remains pertains mainly to the tremendous change of the surface of the Earth that occurred during the Flood when vast parts of the antediluvian surface disappeared.

Of course, no one would believe in the Antiquity that there can be thousands or millions of different generations scattered in all the galaxies of the universe. This quantitative approach suits rather our times when the concepts of the purpose and the destiny of the Mankind seem to have been forgotten. Quite contrarily, in the Antiquity, these concepts formed the basis of the existence of every individual and every society; these concepts, either in Egypt or Mesopotamia or other great lands of civilization, comprised of many points that made it clear to every one why there cannot be thousands of different generations of intelligent beings scattered throughout the universe. However, this knowledge has been progressively lost since the times of the Late Antiquity.

With this I complete my present criticism of the biased proposals entertained by Stephen Hawking with respect to anticipated arrivals of extraterrestrials on Earth. The subject of the extraterrestrials´ nature I feel I need not discuss because the extraterrestrials´ anticipated superiority in terms of wisdom, knowledge, experience and technology testifies to the essence of their nature.

On the other hand, Stephen Hawking´s picturesque description of the possible appearance of the extraterrestrials serves only the purpose of spreading panic among average human people and frighten them against the extraterrestrials. For the same reason, matters of public safety and preparedness are evoked by the defenders of the anti-extraterrestrial front - always in vain.


Picture: Freemasons are the most inimical power on earth,

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